Online shopping

Returning goods to a webshop

Hello! I'm grandma Bess.

Now, I'll show you what to do with inappropriate goods!

Webshops are generally reliable, but the product you want to buy cannot be selected correctly every time. Sometimes size is not good or the color is different from what you expected. Rarely but it may happens that the item is broken or can't fit where you imagined it to be.

In this case you can send it back and you can ask for your money back. To do this just search the senders address on the packaging. Put everything what you received to the original package and address it.

If you got the package by home delivery, call for the same service provider and give them the return parcel.

Do the same if you got your items by local post office. You should pay transporting cost, but usually it will be refunded by the webshop.  When the webshop received the returned item, they will send your money back.

So easy goes it!  And don't forget: ask your grandkids!

Take care.