Online shopping

Delivery methods in a webshop

Hello! I'm grandma Bess.

Now, I'll show you delivery methods of purchased goods.

Once you selected all the items (goods or services), they are collected in the webshop's basket or cart. Choose finish shopping or checkout, and you will see the content of your cart.

Here are different delivery methods, how and where you want to receive the package. The easiest option is to send the parcel to your home. 

But be careful!

Some delivery methods are free, some are expensive. Every time check delivery prices before paying for selected items. Expensive delivery services are usually faster than free or cheap but slow parcel services.

Webshops may send packets to a post office or automated parcel terminal near your home.

This method requires some travel but is usually cheaper than direct home delivery. Just go to the post office when you have time and pick up what you bought earlier.

So easy goes it! Next time I'll show you what to do when you are not satisfied with the received goods.

Take care!