Online shopping

Payment options in a webshop

Hello! I'm grandma Bess.

Now, I'll show you all the payment options in a webshop.

In a previous part we saw how to select items in a webshop. Once you selected all the items (goods or services), they are collected in the webshop's basket or cart.

Choose finish shopping or checkout, and you will see the content of your cart. Now choose delivery method, how you want to receive the package. I'll tell you later about different methods!

But back to payment! Now, simply press "Pay" or "Buy". You will be redirected to a new screen, where you can start paying items. There are more options to choose, how to do it.

You can pay by your credit or debit card, by money transfer or choose cash on delivery. If you wish to pay instantly, just type all data from your card: card number, your name, expiration date and a 3-digit verification number indicated on the back side.

But be careful! Never and nowhere enter your PIN-number!

Now select "OK" or "approve" and all selected items are paid. If you don't want to use your card, you have alternate options, too. Just ask for an invoice and you can leave the webshop for now.  Transfer indicated amount from your bank account by phone, by internet or you may go even personally to the bank.

When your money arrived to the webshop, your items will be sent to your home. Other option is pay on delivery - simply pay cash to the delivery person when all the goods are arrived to your home.

So easy goes it! Next time I'll show you some informations about delivery opportunities!

Take care!