Capture video with your smartphone

make a videorecord video

I want to make a video. What must I do?

Open the camera App. Either it says "Video" somewhere or you are looking for a camera icon in side view. Tap on the word or symbol. The "trigger" symbol" gets a red dot. Point the camera at the subject you want to film and tap the shutter release button. Video recording starts. When you tap the "Shutter" icon again, the recording stops.

Tip: Move slowly when you record.


watch the movieusing the timeline

How can I watch the movie?

This works the same way as viewing photos. Only the camera app must be in video mode. There is also a tiny image that shows a picture from the recorded video. Tap on it and the first frame of the movie appears on your screen. Tap on the "Triangle" briefly and the video starts playing. When you tap on the movie again, a timeline and a "Pause" icon will appear. Use the timeline to quickly get to any part of the video. Tapping the "Pause" icon pauses the video playback.


What can I ruin?

What can I ruin?

If you hold the smartphone firmly in your hand, nothing bad can happen. Photography and filming with a smartphone cost some storage space and nothing else. Failed photos and videos can be easily deleted.


delete foto or video

How do I delete an image or video?

When you view an image or video in the Camera app, you will also see a trashcan icon there. Tap on it if you want to delete the picture or video. You will be asked again if you really want to delete the image or video. Only now comes the final decision

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