What is Messenger?

Grandma: “Hey again! I joined Facebook. I don't really understand the difference between posting on the wall and private messaging. And what is this messenger? Could you please explain it to me? ”

Grandson: “Of course. On Facebook, you can post on your wall on your own profile page. All your friends can see the message you wrote. You can also write on the other person's wall to target your message but others will also see what you are talking about and be able to join the conversation. If you would like to chat with your friends in private, you can send them a private message. Messenger is a private messaging app that lets you read and send private messages without having to open Facebook. "

Grandma: “So whenever I write on my own wall or on a friend's wall, others see the message. I can chat with my friend via private messaging, which also has its own app called Messenger. "

Grandson: "You got it right."

Grandma: "Thank you so much for your help again."