What is Facebook?

Grandson: Hello?

Grandma: Hi, it’s grandma here! My neighbour, Mary, asked me to join Facebook. Could you explain what it is and why should I join Facebook?

Grandson: Of course! Facebook is a free online service that lets you stay in touch with others. First, you create a personal profile on Facebook by filling in information about yourself. After that, the service can suggest friends, for example people who have attended the same school as you. This way you can find your old friends and stay in touch with relatives who live far away. You can add your own posts to Facebook as text, pictures and videos. You can also join different groups to keep up with the local events. Many companies and associations are also on Facebook, where they share their offers and events.

Grandma: So Facebook is a website that allows me to follow my friends and keep up with what they are doing. And I can see announcements from the local Senior Club, right?

Grandson: That's right, grandma.

Grandma: I'm going to join Facebook right now. Thank you so much for your help, once again.