Artwork using Microsoft Paint

Concha García Zaera, an 88-year-old grandmother from Valencia, Spain, has become an Instagram sensation.

Her Instagram account @conchagzaera – which has more than 162,000 followers – features her extraordinarily meticulous artwork, all created using Microsoft Paint.

After looking at Zaera’s work it is now possible not to underestimate the long-standing basic graphics editing program – first launched in 1985.

Zaera does all her work on Windows 7, uses a mouse, and is mainly inspired by daily street scenes and local nature she spots in Valencia.

She admits that she has no plans to change or update the program she uses, although people always recommend more advanced ones to get a better finish.

"At my age (88 years) I am no longer able to start learning anything else," says the artist, saying that she is used to the computer.

However, the artist confesses that using Paint "can sometimes be time-consuming", especially when "she starts to add details" like shadows. And although there are paintings that only need a few days to be finished, there are others that can take "a month or more".

Zaera is definitely not in a hurry as she continues to grow her portfolio of artwork. "Now I am a widow, I am alone, and I have many hours ahead of me. This is how I keep myself entertained."

via Euronews