What is an eBook?

Grandma Bess:    Hello. I love to read. I come here twice a month to borrow books. If only the books were not so heavy. But the writing must not be too small either.  Hopefully I won't get too old to read.

Florian:   I like to be in nature. Here I dream of many adventures. I read everywhere.

  • On the bus.
  • If I have to wait somewhere.
  • In nature.

Grandma Bess: Hello Florian.

Florian:  Hello Grandma Bess. Grandma, what are you carrying?

Grandma Bess: These are my books. I go to the library twice a month to get reading material. I love to read.

Florian:  I also love to read.

Grandma Bess: You? All I ever see is you at your tablet.

Florian:    I read all the time. This is not a tablet. This is an eBook reader! This is an electronic book. Actually, it's an electronic library. My eBook Reader has an entire library stored on it. I always carry over 1000 books with me. The screen is specially made for comfortable reading. I can choose a font size. And I can adjust the brightness. I can even read in the dark.

Grandma Bess: It's all in this little thing? Over 1000 books! Customizable font! Lighting! This all sounds far too good to really work.

Florian:  Would you like to try my eBook reader? We can swap.

Grandma Bess:    Thank you! That way I'll never get too old to read.