Online maps

How to find your route with a smartphone

In this video I will show you how to find your route easily to any destination near you with the help of an Android phone.

To do this you will need an Android phone, internet connection and you have to turn on the GPS function of your phone.

On the homescreen tap on the Google search consol and type in the location where you want to go to. If it is easier for you you can tap on the small microphone in the Google console and you can say it to the phone directly.

In my example we would like to find our way to the building of Parlament in Budapest. If you type in your destination and you hit enter Google will show you the search results. If you tap on the maps button you will see the destination on Google maps.

Now you have to tap on the arrow in the bottom left corner and Google will show your route to the destination from your current location. To start the navigation tap on the start button in the bottom left corner.

And now please take your smartphone and try to do the shown process with a location near you.