Seniors who struggle with technology face challenges and isolation

Family gatherings on Skype, online orders from stores and pharmacies, online consultations with doctors.
These have been lifesavers for many older adults staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic. But there is a downside: large numbers of seniors are unable to participate.

Among them there are older adults with dementia, hearing loss, and impaired vision who can have a hard time using digital devices and programs designed without their needs in mind. (E.g. small icons, difficult-to-read texts.)

Many older adults with limited financial resources also may not be able to afford devices or the associated internet service fees. Others are not adept at using technology and lack the assistance to learn.

During the pandemic, which has hit older adults especially hard, this gap between technology "haves" and "have-nots" has serious consequences.

Older adults in the "haves" group have more access to virtual social interactions and telehealth services, and more opportunities to secure essential supplies online. Meanwhile, the "have-nots" are at greater risk of social isolation, forgoing medical care and being without food or other necessary items.

via CNN health