ElliQ is a robot helper for the elderly

ElliQ the robot has a friendly personality, with a bobbing head and a chatty voice, and
is like a robot caretaker for the elderly.
Communicating with a friend or loved one who has an ElliQ is as easy as downloading
the ElliQ app. It allows you to video call, text, check-in, share photos, and even share
events and appointments right from your mobile phone. And yes, it’s very grandchild
ElliQ® is specially designed with and for older adults to give them everything they
need to stay sharp, connected and engaged. Interacting with ElliQ and the world is
easy and fun, and through AI she becomes even more helpful by learning what you
like and need.

Read more: https://elliq.com/

Video: https://www.cnet.com/videos/elliq-is-a-robot-helper-for-the-elderly/