Friend from the past

zsuzsa, 18 Nov 2020.

Some years ago, when I was quite new to Facebook, I started to search for old schoolfriends who had disappeared from the town and from my life.

There was no way to find my best friend at secondary. We, in Hungary, are quite lost when we are looking for a girl/woman-friend, because there are many ways a woman's name can be formed/changed by marriage. I tried by every possible name, but I didn't know her married name. On a 2nd of January at the beginning of the 201.s I was tryng it again, and all of a sudden, her name an photo popped up in front of my eyes  -  she was also looking for me, and we suddenly found each other! This is LIFE!

We have made up for the lost years by visiting each other, corresponding in all possible ways, so we have found not only each other, bout our old selves as well. You know, we feel the old teenagers whenever we come together.

My advice: with the help of the community-pages we can find our old friends, so NEVER GIVE UP!