old photosPhotography is a great thing. It always has been. But in the past it was expensive and complex. It needed a camera and a film that you had to have developed in order to get prints at all. Accordingly, photographs were cherished and kept in albums. Today you still can do that with digital images, if you want to. Besides printing and pasting into a photo album, you can also have entire photo books made for relatively little money.




old cameraIn the past, you often didn't have a camera at hand just when the best motives appeared. It's different today. Today someone always has a smartphone at hand. Smartphones today take such good photos that many people do not even buy a camera any more.

Smartphones can even record videos in excellent resolution. If you have a smartphone, you should not miss these opportunities. Perhaps the prospect of an always available photo and video camera is also the reason for buying a smartphone. Usable smartphones are already available for less than 100,-€. Photography costs practically nothing if you only want to view the pictures on your mobile phone, computer or digital picture frame. We now explain how to take photos and videos with your mobile phone.



Where is the camera on my smartphone?

It is highly likely that you have several cameras in your smartphone. On the back you can see one or even several lenses, all of which are just about the size of a small fingernail. On the side where the screen is, there is usually an additional, slightly smaller camera. With her you make the well-known "Selfies". With selfies, i.e. taking pictures of yourself, it is of course handy if you can see the screen while you're taking pictures.